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Our Pillars
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Through ambition, open-mindedness, and hard work, our brothers excel in all areas of business -- entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, consulting, and investment banking, to name a few.


Whether you want to work in Silicon Valley or on Wall Street, for an innovative start-up or a Fortune 100 company, DSP provides the network, resources, and mentorship necessary for you to land your desired career!


DSP is one of the most well-connected communities on campus. Our brothers are leaders of other organizations, varsity athletes, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and academic scholars.


We come from a variety of backgrounds, with 18 different countries represented, and we have extremely diverse interests and achievements, from a Yo-Yo national champion to a Rhodes Scholar. You’re guaranteed to expand your circle and build meaningful relationships with unique people that you would never have met if not for DSP.

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Through our open committee system, we encourage brothers to demonstrate leadership by actively contributing to the advancement of DSP.


Want to plan your own event? We’ll fund it! Have a new recruitment idea? Let’s hear it! At DSP, we know that you have a vision and we want to be a part of it.


DSP is deeply committed to the professional development of its members. We provide the knowledge and resources necessary to prepare you for interviews, access to our distinguished alumni network, exclusive networking opportunities with prestigious firms, and unparalleled mentorship to guide you through each step of the way.


As a result, we have a consistent track record of placement into the best firms in various industries. Throughout the year, we also host guest speaker events, professional workshops, and competitions to unite the Duke community in professional advancement.

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The Sigma Tau chapter prides itself on creating a tight-knit community and well-rounded experience that spans beyond professional settings. To foster camaraderie between its brothers, we host a cabin retreat, semi-formal, dinners in downtown Durham, movie nights, spikeball tournaments, and various other social events every semester.


Joining DSP guarantees that there is always something and someone to do things with. The people you meet will become some of your closest friends during and after college -- it’s a brotherhood. 

Service and Scholarship

DSP is dedicated to making a difference in the Durham community because we believe that business has both a unique opportunity and a compelling duty to contribute to the larger community. The Sigma Tau chapter works closely with the Duke Farms, Habitat for Humanity, and Ronald McDonald House through community service and fundraising events. We also host an annual Swishes for Scholarships basketball tournament that has raised over $2,500 for the Durham Public Schools Scholarship Foundation to send public school students to college.

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